Worship: Leading & Preaching – May 14th - 16th, 2020

Laypreacher Course in English

The United Methodist Church offers a lay preacher course in English. The course is aimed at volunteers who want to get involved in their local churches and train to become a lay preacher.

The course uses the e-learning material developed by the British Methodist Church. It lasts a total of two years, which is a total of 5 classes. The course entails working independently with the e-learning material and weekend group meetings for introduction to the new material, preparation, and mentoring.

Currently, there are five upcoming classes. The following is the schedule for the next three meetings. Future classes will be planned during our Fall 2020 meeting.

  • Introductory Seminar: 14th-16th May 2020
  • Meeting 1: 15.-17. October 2020
  • Meeting 2: 11.-13. March 2021

We meet on Thursday evenings at 6:00 pm and end on Saturdays around 2:00 pm.

A dedicated team of competent theologians are available as mentors. For more information please visit: e-learning at: elearning.methodist.org.uk


Seminar: Laypreacher Course in English


May 14th - 16th, 2020
Thursday, 6.00 p.m. to Saturday after Lunch

Bischöfliches Priesterseminar
Eduard-Schick-Platz 5
36037 Fulda

Registration Cost:
Register by 1 February: 25 EUR
Register after 2 February: 35 EUR
A grant of 25 EUR is available

Room and Board:
100 EUR Single Room
75 EUR Double Room

Dr. Yvette Hovsepian Bearce
Rev. Wilfried Röcker
Rev. Wolfgang Bay

To register, please contact:
Giebelstr. 16,
70499 Stuttgart

Fon: 0711 86006-90
eMail: bildungswerk(at)emk.de