Preaching to the people – April 11-13, 2019

an English Laypreaching Course

A two year English Lay Preacher Course is being offered by the Germany EmK. This training is for laity who are interested in preaching, teaching and leading in the local church setting. The course will be conducted as five seminars to develop knowledge, spirituality, and skills needed as a Lay Preacher. Two seminars will be offered this year and three next year.

The seminars do not have to be completed in order. However, each participant must first complete the Introductory Seminar before attending other seminars.

Seminars offered in 2019:

Introductory Seminar, April 11-13, 2019: Introduction to worship and preaching with a focus on the Gospels. And a next Seminar in November.

Our Course Material grounds on a blended e-Learning Course of the Methodist Church in Britain. It is called “Worship:Leading&Preaching”. If you want to have a look, please use that link:


Seminar: Preaching to the people


April 11-13, 2019
Thursday, 6.00 p.m. to
Saturday after Lunch

Place: Bonifatiushaus
Neuenberger Str. 3
36041 Fulda

Registration Cost:
Register by 1 October: € 25,00
Register after 2 October: € 35,00
A grant of € 25 is available

Room and Board:
€ 100,00 Single Room
€ 75,00 Double Room

Rev. Rolf Held, Rev. Wilfried Röcker, Rev. Wolfgang Bay, Crystal McPhail

To register, please contact:
Giebelstr. 16, 70499 Stuttgart
Tel: 0711 86006-90, Fax: -99
E-Mail: bildungswerk(at)